The Team

Marek – senior of polish craft and one of the most important person in the brewery. One of the founder and te co-creator of some recipes. Ambitious, patient and creative – opened for experiments. Former computer scientist, the great fan of good food (which he creates as well). There will be no Pracownia Piwa without him.

Tomek – another very important part of Pracownia Piwa. Co-founder and author of most of the recipes. He likes to experiment and prefer beers which are complex, rather malty and with UK origin (you owe him beers like, for example, Bobby, Crack, Dżok or Plan-T). Lover of good cuisine, great cook and “mister everything” in brewery and in the pub. His ambition and dedication made Pracownia Piwa such a solid brewery.

Patrycja – he started as a homebrewer, but her obstinacy and ambition allowed her to join the team. She is called “Hadra” (just like her beer) – she loves sour ales and experiments, but also heavily hopped beers. Patrycja is also head supervisor of Laborarotium Pracowni. She fits the team perfectly.

Wojtek – the man responsible for all logistics and novice brewer. Probably one day he’ll join above trio. Great photographer, lover of the mountains (he started climbing lastly).

Paweł – grinding malts, bottling and driving are his duties in Pracownia. Partly thanks to him you can try our beer in your local pubs and shops.

Mateusz – he is responsible for fermentation. He makes tests and take care for beer to be possibly the best. Moreover, his duty is making everything clear in Pracownia Piwa, because it’s really important to work in sterile, while you’re brewing.

Kuba – you can know him already from our pub where he had serve you a beer. Homebrewer, certified beer judge (PSPD & BJCP). He helps in everything: from brewing beer to logistics.

Agata – graphic artist – she is responsible for everything which is connected to graphics in Pracownia Piwa. Logo, labels, posters – everything. Cinemaniac and travel-lover. Thanks to her “The Deer” will be always connected with only one brewery and one pub in Poland.

Grzegorz – beer blogger, homebrewer, big fan of barley wine. He is responsible for selling beer, doing marketing, taking care of facebook page, instagram and he also is answering to all of you to emails.

Kamil – the youngest part of our crew. Responsible for taking care of beer from working at the laboratory to competing in brewing and bottling. Drummer at Gates of Midian.

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