On the edge of Kaków, in the small town called Modlniczka there is a brewery. Our brewery. It started long time ago – in our dreams. It had to be steppingstone from our everyday life. We wanted our hobby to become our job. And… our dreams became reality. On 20th of September 2012, when three friends became partners. Now, the brewery is huge part of our lives and Pracownia Piwa is our pride and motivation to work hard.

The beginning was rather hard, but thanks to you, the beer-lovers, who motivate us with good words and make us experiment. Trying new flavours, aromas, travelling, looking for inspiration. We’re doing our best to provide you the new experience and we’re happy when our taste fits yours. And we promise – we wouldn’t quit if you are on our side. Thank you for everything.

Marta, Marek and Tomek.

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