BLG: 20°

ABV: 7.9 %

Pooka is the name one of the most irish legends which is a ghost: good or evil. This creature in irish folk is intangible because can became any shape and you can’t expect its final form.  Maybe horse with long pony tail, maybe cat or dog, or even a person. As good as Pooka changes its shape, he changes his language of communicate and warned about danger, or give ideas. Pooka was a creature that was respectful, but people were afraid of meeting it.

Our Baltic porter dark in colour, but not Black. Pooka is distingunished by tastes of roasty malts, caramel, toffee, plum and also you can feel raisins or bread crust. Beer is sweet, but not luscious, and after warming going more into carmelized sugar and dark chocolate notes. Aftertaste is more roasty, and here you can feel the barrel effect: vanilla, whisky wood and characteristic dry effect in throat, similar to effect of tasting whisky (classic tannin mouthfeel). Use of barrel changes a little bit initial sweetness into more balanced dryness. Beer is a little inside-warmer so this is the best idea to sip it when chilling on couch or next to the fireplace. But we won’t get mad when you’ll taste it at hot day in your garden.

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