BLG: 11°

ABV: 3,8 %

IBU: 28

Malts: barley, wheat.

Hops: amarillo, cascade.

American wheat, called Hey Now (which, read in polish means “hejnał” (eng. “buggle call”) – one of the Kraków’s symbols) is the very first beer made by Pracownia Piwa. Ingredients of this little beauty are: wheat malt mixed in 1:1 proportions with pale ale malt and a bunch of american hops. Golden, hazy beer with an outstanding aroma of tropical fruit, mild bitterness and refreshing aftertaste. This is Hey Now. This is the taste of summer.



BLG: 16,7°

ABV: 7%

IBU: 28

Hey Now was the very first beer brewed by Pracownia Piwa. That’s why we’ve decided to make some experiments on that one. First effect was really nice. Double verison of regular Hey Now. More malts, more hops, more Plato. Everything is multiplied. Even aroma and taste! A lot of sweetness (from malts) and crazy little bitterness (thanks to american hops). Are you brave enough to try it?



BLG: 21°

ABV: 8,5%

IBU: 28

It’s the “one step closer” to Wheat Wine. Something between the first hybrid – Double Hey Now and our wheat emperor – Wheat Wine Hey Now. Sweet, but still a little bit hoppy. With full-bodied, malty spirit. Floral aroma (and taste) fits perfectly to some american hops. Tripel Hey Now is dedicated to the people, who prefer more complex beers.




BLG: 25°

ABV: 9,3%

IBU: 30

The greatest emperor of each and every wheat beer you’ve ever tried. 25 Plato, almost 10% and only 30 IBU. Prepare yourself for oily, thick and aromatic journey with our Wheat Wine Hey Now – the very first beer in this style in Poland. A lot of sweet fruit in the aroma are playing tricks with american hops. Sweet taste, and power. This is Wheat Wine Hey Now. This is brand new look for our classical beer.




This time classical Hey Nowe went into belgian style. We added coriander, camomile and orange peel. Like in classic, belgian witbier.








Another incarnation of our basic Hey Now. This time it was fermented by different kind of yeasts, dedicated to saisons.  They are responsible for changing a bit aroma and taste. For us, it’s perfect propose to hot and humid day.









We are bit crazy, that’s true. Who throws coffee beans into american wheat? We do! Final effect suprised even us, and after this experiment we started to combine with coffee in pale ales.

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