IPA, IPA, IPA. Bottles, bottles, bottles.

You’ve already met Hadra and Huncwot (and apparently, you’ve liked them!). But… who said that we can only have two IPAs in our offer? That’s why we’ve decided to brew more! And… from Thursday (5th of March) through the next Thursdays of March, there will be premieres of our new IPAs! That’s what we’ve prepared for you:

– 05.03 – Andrus (Nelson Rye IPA) – you know And Rus. But he’s grown up. And is braver now. And not so sweet, you know? The new Andrus is bitter, heavily hopped by Nelson Sauvin. And with some rye to make it smoother!

– 12.03 – Rejbel (English IPA) – we love british beers. How is it that we haven’t brewed any english IPA so far? It’s time to change it! 12th of March in Tap House there will be the premiere of our very first IPA brewed with some british hops! We’re so excited!

– 17.03 – Franca (Cascadian Dark Ale) – Franca is sister in law of Hadra. Darker and more unpredictable. In practice? Something between our Crack and 100! Dark, heavily hopped black IPA. Are you ready for this?


All of those premieres will take place in our pub – Tap House. Feel free to come and try them!

But that’s not the end of good news. We’re looking forward to receive a bottling machine! Yes, yes, yes. If everything will be ok, you can expect more of our bottles to be available around Poland from May.

And… since Friday (6th of March) there will be limited versions of bottled Mr. Hard and Mr. Hard’s Rocks available in Tap House!

Stay tuned! We’ve more good news to come soon!

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