Polish Madness in Mikkeller

Polish Madness in Mikkeller

2014 was the year of hard work for us. We wanted to establish the way we’ll walk and brew in the future. There were some great but also bad moments. Some of them were very nice, a few – rather sad. Anyway – you, our drinkers, followers, supporters – were the great source of power, energy and motivation for us. We’ve completed most of our plans from the end of 2013. We’ve strenghtened our crew. From two brewers to six awesome people, who are working hard to provide you possibly the best beer. 31 new beers, 4 collaborations, 2 tap take-overs, opening of our brewer’s pub (Tap House – Pracownia Piwa i Przyjaciele), we’ve expanded our brewery, and we started building the new one. 3 fantastic festivals in Poland, 2 great events in Europe and ONE, which changed a lot – Beer Geek Madness. This is 2014 in numbers.

2015 has been started intensively as well – two premieres and opening of new brewery. February will be the great month of tap take-overs in Denmark, mostly because of great devotion and dedication of Daniel and Madlein – organisators of Beer Geek Madness. We’re going to take the taps in two of the most legendary pubs in Scandinavia – Mikkeller & Friends and Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade. We’re thrilled and excited. Feel free to come and join us on this crazy journey.

There is one certain thing – 2015 will be crazy year full of hard work. We’ve got some serious and ambitious plan and you can be sure that we’ll do anything we can to accomplished them and not let you down.

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