6.11. – Stout Day in Tap House

We’re proudly invite all of you for Stout Day celebration which will have place in our pub – Tap House – Pracownia Piwa i Przyjaciele on next Thursday (6.11).

We’ll offer you black treasures from Pracownia Piwa:


hards rock



On the other taps, there will be two stouts from our friends – Browar Bednar: Polish Stout and Osteroida (first oyster stout in polish craft history!).

Additionally, we’ll have for you some stouts from our international friends: Royal Dark (sweet stout) from austrian Loncium and Black Magic Woman (smoked imperial stout) from danish Hornbeer.

Well, well, well… it’s not the end of surprises! Especially for Stout Day we’ve brewed special version of our rye stout (6 Joseph’s Street), which will be available ONLY in Tap House (and only ONE keg). It’ll be one with additional coffee! It can’t be bad, trust us!

See you there!

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